Best Dual Fuel Cookers (2022 Top Review)


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Dual Fuel Cooker is a combination of hobs and Oven. Usually, the burner hobs are gas-fueled, while the oven and grills are electric. Instead of buying an electric oven and a gas Cooker separately, it is better to go for a Dual fuel Cooker.

Households in areas where the supply of light is limited can purchase these dual fuel cookers and use it for their cooking needs. There’s no need to buy two or more equipment when only one of it can do the whole job for you.

This article will be revealing the best Dual fuel cookers to you, so all you have to do is to go through it, pick your choice from the list and purchase it if you like. You are not in any way forced to purchase these products. They are just suggestions to guide you in buying your dream Dual Fuel cookers.

Best Dual Fuel Cookers 2021

The best Dual fuel cookers include but are not limited to.

dual fuel cooker with double oven

1. ElectriQ 60 cm Dual Fuel cooker with double oven

Painted in black, and coated with stainless steel is this ElectriQ Dual fuel cooker. It has a very clean and simple design. This cooker is not built-in but freestanding, and therefore needs a bit of space in the kitchen. The oven exhibits first class simplicity.

Moreover, the cooker has a double oven for more cooking space. It has no frills, which makes it super easy for you to showcase your cooking skills and ability. The cooker offers an excellent value for money even with its affordable price tag.

The hobs on the cooker are fueled with gas, while the oven is powered with electricity. Also, the cooker is made of two ovens, giving you enough space for your cooking. The bottom oven, which is electric ensures heat is distributed evenly throughout the compartment because it is fan-assisted.

In addition, there is absolutely no risk of Flav transfer especially when you are cooking multiple dishes in the same oven compartment. The top oven which is secondary can be used either as a conventional oven or grill. This provides extra oven space if you are cooking a large meal. This will help save time and energy.

Product Information

Brand – ElectriQ

Model number – IQDUALFUELBLACK60

Heating Elements – 4

Colour – black

Energy Efficiency Rating – A

Product dimensions – 90 × 60 × 60 cm

Fuel Type – Dual fuel

Capacity – 36 litre (Top oven) + 58 litre (bottom oven).

Reasons to buy

  • LPG conversion kit is included in the box
  • Has flame failure devices
  • The oven is big enough

Reasons to avoid

  • No warranty specified

Indesit dual fuel cooker

2. Indesit Close IS5G4PHX 50 cm Dual Fuel Cooker

This dual fuel cooker from Indesit, comes with an oven having two functions and a grill. The two functions are just hot air, and grill. You can select from any of these two functions for any of your cooking needs. The oven is used as a main conventional oven with grill.

The gas hobs are just four in number but of different sizes and diameter. This varies with the sizes or dimensions of your pots. Talking about the oven, which is electric, has a 61-litre capacity. This space is quite enough for anyone with a medium-sized padmilyy. The stands on the hobs are made with cast iron to enhance the support for cookwares.

Interior of the oven is designed with enamel, making it easy to clean. With this, you do not spend hours cleaning the spills from your cooking. The enamel also prevents food particles from sticking too hard to it. Also, there is a minute timer, which can be set to help you track your dish. It works just like a stopwatch.

To power on the main conventional oven, you just have to push the small ignition button, and the oven comes on. You can then select a suitable function for your meal.

Product Information

Brand – Indesit

Model number – IS5G4PHSS

Product Dimensions – 60 × 50 × 90

Product weight – 41.1 kg

Capacity – 61 litres

Installation type – Freestanding

Heating elements – 4

Material type – Stainless steel

Reasons to buy

  • Has A energy rating
  • Product has a 61 litre capacity

Reasons to avoid

  • No specific reason

dual fuel range cooker

3. Belling Sandringham 90 Dft Freestanding A/Rated Dual Fuel Range Cooker

If you need a very large cooker for your kitchen, then this should be your pick. This Belling Sandringham 90 Dft range cooker has 3 different cavities to select from. The main cavity is an electric fan oven and offers a wide range of oven functions to pick from. Specifically, the main oven has 8 cooking functions.

There are 5 gas hobs on the cooker. These are not electric but only make use of gas fuel. The 5 gas hobs are well spaced from each other to allow bigger pans to stay on them. It is no longer news that the hobs are of different sizes.

However, potential buyers should endeavour to check the dimensions of the product before purchasing or ordering. This is to avoid stories that touch when the product finally arrives.

Talking about its efficiency rating, the cooker has an energy rating of A, the best for any dual fuel cooker. The interior of the oven also has a light to brighten up the compartment, when the oven is in use. Wanna hear about the capacity? It’s some 172 litres!

Product Information

Brand – Belling

Model number – 444444108

Colour – Black

Product Dimensions – 60 × 90 × 90

Product weight – 83.8 kg

Capacity – 172 litres

Wattage – 3000 watts

Voltage – 240 volts

Energy Efficiency – A

Heating Elements – 5

Reasons to buy

  • Product has a large to contain large meals
  • Product is 100% energy efficient

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable if you have a small kitchen

Montpellier dual fuel range cooker

4. Montpellier MR91DFMX 90 cm Single cavity Dual fuel Range Cooker

Just like the cooker mentioned previously, this Montpellier dual fuel cooker has 5 gas burner hobs including the wok burner. These burners run at the same temperature and help improve the speed of cooking. Note that, I said they are Gas burners so you can only use gas fuel to turn them on.

The hobs are made with cast iron supports to hold the weight of any pot or pan placed on it. These hobs are also well spaced to accommodate different sizes. All gas burners have individual knob control, used in adjusting their temperatures.

This cooker has a single oven cavity, which is the main conventional oven. This oven has just six functions and offers you a variety to select from. The type of meal you want to make will determine the perfect oven function for you. The gas burners also have an automatic ignition system.

Present in the oven is an oven light, cooking tray, telescopic guides. There are also safety valves to help control the risk of hazards while cooking in the kitchen. There is also a white LED digital timer for watching and monitoring the cooking.

Product Information

Brand – Multiplier

Model number – MR91DFMX

Energy Efficiency – B

Heating Elements – 5

Colour – Stainless steel

Fuel type – Dual fuel

Product dimensions – 85 × 90 × 60 cm

Reasons to buy

  • Products offer a great value for money
  • Manufacturer and offers a 2-year warranty for parts and products

Reasons to avoid

  • Not big enough to make large meals
  • There is a risk of flavour transfer when cooking Multiple dishes simultaneously.

double cavity dual fuel range cooker

5. Smeg CC92MX9 Cucina Double Cavity 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a cooker that does not scrimp on space, but you can not decide whether to go for a gas or electric, then why not go for both? This Smeg Cucina Range Cooker offers everything you need, without having to settle for less.

The oven features two spacious electric oven cavities, both offering a unique 105-litre capacity. This should be the best you can find. The three ovens are fan-assisted, conventional and grill ovens to give you plenty of possibilities when cooking.

The main oven has an impressive 70 litres capacity and also has a fan cooking technology which aids in blowing heat around the oven so all parts of your dishes are unlocked or overcooked. On the other hand, the second oven has a 35 litre capacity for conventional cooking.

On top of the cooker is the fire burner gas hob, which is extremely spacious and perfect for cooking with a wide range of size pots and pans together. With cast iron support, you have gotten a stable base to stand your cookware while also being easy to remove for a thorough clean.

The oven, grill and hobs are all controlled with the traditional-inspired dial controls, where you can accurately and easily adjust the oven’s temperature and also each burners flame height and width.

Product Information

Brand – Smeg

Model number – CC92MX9

Product Dimensions – 60 × 90 × 94.5 cm

Product weight – 71.3 kg

Colour – Stainless Steel

Fuel type – Dual fuel

Heating Elements – 5

Reasons to buy

  • Has a vapour and enamel interior lining making it easy to clean
  • Products have a stunning stainless steel design

Reasons to avoid

  • The oven has an average energy rating

Cookersuggest has given the updated list of the best dual fuel cookers in 2021, it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to purchase for your kitchen.

I know you may have some questions before making any decisions about buying a dual fuel cooker, kindly drop them in the comment section below.

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