Best Gas Cooker Suitable For Your Kitchen (2022 Review)


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Getting a gas cooker is one of the toughest things to do or accomplish nowadays. It takes a lot of time to identify which one suits your needs. Even after finding the one that suits your needs, you might not be able to afford it.

They are the heart of the kitchen, and therefore nothing can be done in the kitchen without it. In the early days, we used firewood and charcoal for cooking. During this time, you had to wait for a year before your food is ready. (Just an exaggeration).

Well, most of us reading this even have gas cookers at home but might want to upgrade or replace it, if it is spoilt. Unlike electric Cookers, they do not spoil easily and last for a very long period of time.

Some come with a gas cylinder attached to it(the same body). If you have this, there is no need to get a gas cylinder anymore. All you have to do is to ignite the burner then the fire comes on.

However, most do not come with a gas cylinder attachment. Instead, you get the cooker and then you attach it to a gas source (either a gas cylinder or any other gas supply). There will always be a way to connect the cooker to the source.

Almost everyone prefers gas cookers to any other kind of cooker out there. But, many do not know the right one for them. Okay, you want the best gas cooker with 3 or 4 separate burners, but you do not know the brand to go for.

It takes a very long time to do your research and finally conclude on the particular product to buy. That is where I come in. To ease your stress.


I have made my research and I have seen the best Gas Cookers available in the market as of now. The product will be given my very honest review. I know sometimes affects the quality of food. So, I put that and every other factor into consideration before making my pick.

Just like every other product, there are positive and negative reviews. But, a good product must have more good sides than it’s bad. Gas Cookers do not require electrical Energy which has a high power consumption.

A gas supply alone is needed. Whenever the gas supply is exhausted, it is refilled. It cannot be reused over and over again. In some aspects, it is better than the electric cooker and in some, it’s not.

Let us cut the long story short. If you are reading this, then you definitely need a gas cooker.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gas Cooker

However, before we go into full details about that, I will like to show some factors you should put into consideration when you are about to purchase any of these gas cookers:

Kitchen Size

This should always be among your first thoughts. Your kitchen size will determine the type of gas cooker, you will buy. Check your kitchen if it is spacious enough to contain a large gas cooker. If it is, then you can go for it, but if it is not, then go for a smaller one.

Gas Source

Many homes do not receive paid gas supply from the government. So, there is a limited number of gas cookers that are designed to satisfy this purpose. Most gas cooker companies make products that can only be connected to gas cylinders. So you should consider this too.

Family Size

If you have a family of 6, and want to get a gas cooker with a single or double burner, then you are just joking. For a family of 6, you should get a gas cooker with at least 3-4 burners. That is, the bigger your family size, the greater the number of burners the gas cooker should have.

Your budget

How much do you have? Can you afford a cooker for $1,000 or that of $100? Put this into view. However, your budget shouldn’t let you settle for less. There are better gas cookers at affordable prices than those with seemingly high prices. The gas cooker which will be revealed here is quite affordable for everyone.

The brand

This one came last in the review but is actually the most important of all the factors aforementioned. The brand of a gas cooker will determine the durability, sustainability, and warranty of this product.

Some products have spare parts which are very easy to find in the market. Their parts are readily available. While some have parts which are very scarce (We should avoid these kinds of products).

Also, there are gas cooker brands, whose names sound very uncommon but are actually one of the best. These are the kind of products you should look out for.

The Best Gas Cooker to Buy

I have told you earlier that I will show the best Gas cooker and give you my honest review of the products. You can decide to or not buy it after reading this review.

Our focus will be mainly on cooktops which are placed on top of surfaces in the Kitchen. They are also known as built-in cookers. We won’t be going into freestanding ones.


Empava 30" Gas Stove Cooktop with 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners NG/LPG Convertible in Stainless Steel, 30 Inch, Silver

EMPAVA appliances are designed to provide you with the highest quality cooking experience, whereby all appliances are equipped for safety as well as functionality. This gas cooker has a modern design to improve the look of your kitchen.

The EMPAVA 30 inches Stainless Steel Cooker costs only $314.99 on Amazon.

Positive Reviews

  • Item is made of stain and heat discoloration resistant stainless steel. It also helps to prevent corrosion.
  • The product has 5 high power burners ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 BTU.
  • The durable knobs and heavy-duty cast-iron grates make it easy to clean.
  • The cooker has a thermocouple flame out fault system to prevent gas leakage.

Negative Reviews

  • The manufacturer did not provide a warranty for labor.
  • The cooktop cannot hold more than 50 lbs of weight.


Gas Cooktop 30 inches 5 Burners Gas Stove gas hob stovetop Stainless Steel Cooktop 5 Sealed Burners Cast Iron Grates Built-in Gas Stove Top LPG/NG Gas Cooktop Thermocouple Protection and Easy to Clean

This HBHOB is another of the best gas cooker worth buying for your kitchen, either large or small. With the HBHOB Stainless Steel Gas Stovetop, you do not have to sacrifice quality for the price anymore. The gas cooktop offers you the flexibility you need to make all your favorite dishes with precision and flair. It is characterized by 5 burners, heavy cast iron grates, and flame out thermocouple protection.

The HBHOB 30″ GAS COOKTOP costs only $215.00 on Amazon.

Positive Reviews

  • It is characterized by a thermocouple flame-out failure system to prevent gas leakage.
  • Comes with an LPG conversion kit.

Negative Reviews

  • The manufacturer did not specify a warranty for the product.


Frigidaire FGGC3047QS Gallery 30'' Gas Cooktop in Stainless Steel, 5 Burner

This 30″ Gas cooktop by Frigidaire comes with 4 sealed burners on a durable stainless steel surface. It also features angled front controls, dishwasher safe wire grates, and is ADA Compliant.

The Frigidaire 30″ stainless steel cooktop costs only $339.00 on Amazon.

Positive Reviews

  • Low simmer perfect for delicate foods and sauces
  • Very easy to clean because of the sealed gas burners.
  • Durable stainless steel top that gives it a premium look.
  • Easy to use Angled front controls.
  • High heating power.

Negative Reviews

  • The product has only 4 burners making it slow in cooking.


GE JGP3030DLBB 30 Inch Gas Cooktop with MAX System, Power Broil, Simmer, Continuous Grates, Sealed Burners and ADA Compliant

This is a 30 in h Gas cooktop with a Max burner system, power broil burner, simmer burner, continuous grates, sealed burners, and ADA Compliant.

The GE JGP3030SLSS Cooktop costs $549.00 on Amazon.

Positive Reviews

  • Has a very high heating power for all burners.
  • All burners are well-sized and easy to clean.
  • The product is very easy to install.

Negative Reviews

  • Made of cast, making it a little prone to rust.
  • The manufacturer did not mention if the product has an LPG Conversion kit.
  • The product seems too expensive.

5. Thermomate Gas Cooktop – 30 Inch Built-In Gas Rangetop with 5 High-Efficiency Burners

thermomate Gas Cooktop, 30 Inch Built In Gas Rangetop with 5 High Efficiency Burners, NG/LPG Convertible Stainless Steel Gas Stove Top with Thermocouple Protection, 120V AC


A unique feature of this gas cooker is that it is equipped with 5 versatile burners which includes the 1x 9500-BTU triple ring wok burner, 1x 6500-BTU rapid burner, 2×5000-BTU semi-rapid burner, and 1×2800-BTU auxiliary burner. it has been specially desigend with upgraded features to meet all your cooking demand.

The gass cooker functions well for simmer, braise, fry, stir-frying, roast, steaming, boil, melting or caramelizing. In addition, The ignition is controlled by a push-type rotary switch which can prevent accidental touch, so you dont have to be bothered when you send your kids to operate this gas cooker.

The best part i want you to hear is that there is a thermocouple flame out fault system in this appliance that ensures the gas is automatically turned off when no flame is detected. Expect maximum 28800BTU power to propane and natural gas. It is an ideal gas cooker for every home kitchen.

When talking about superior quality, I cannot leave this one out as it is made with 304 stainless steel grade for easy cleaning. I added the gas cooker to our list of best gas cooker because it also features heavy-duty flat cast-iron cooking grates that ensure that your cooking pot stays stable all the way.

Positive Reviews 

  • Features a high effficiency burner
  • stylish design
  • Durable to last
  • Flame out protection
  • NG/LPG Convertible

Negative Reviews

How to use the gas cooker oven?

Proper use of gas cooker oven cannot be overstressed. it is one thing to boast of having a durable gas cooker in your kitchen such as these ones listed above, and it is entirely another thing to be able to properly use a gas cooker even as a first time user. Using a gas cooker oven is very easy if you can follow instructions. Simply push in and hold the oven knob and turn it to the “ignite” setting. This should be done with one hand so you can turn it and keep holding it until you are able to turn it to the left to the “ignite” symbol.

Which is better gas or electric cooker?

There are quite a few factors that can influence your choice of which of the appliance to use, either a gas cooker or electric cooker. I have discovered, as experts will agree, that Electric cookers are usually a bit cheaper than gas cookers. In the same manner, they are easy to operate (electric cookers)

Electric cookers come in digital thermostats and fan-assisted models that foster even heat distribution. While gas cookers work fast rather than electric cookers when it comes to slow cooking, many buyers tend to choose electric cookers over gas counterparts.

Which is better, electric or gas pressure cooker for canning?

Gas pressure cooker is the best for canning, if you have ever used an electric cooker for canning then you will understand why gas cooker wins hands down.

What type of natural gas cooker is the best outside?

Looking for the best outdoor natural gas cooker? Then you need to check for those that are durable, versatile and not too heavy.

My recommendation for a very good natural gas cooker that can be used outside is the Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer 2.

Why is my gas cooker not heating up?

You need to check your burner for this problem, remove any debris from the gas valves and base of the burner and also check for any loose connections.

You can also disconnect the cook top after turning off the gas, then remove the burner caps and the grates and soak them in sink with soap and hot water.

Why is my gas cooker burning orange?

The orange flame you see from your gas cooker is due to an imbalance in the mixture of fuel and oxygen which may have been caused by a build-up of soot.

Your gas burner has been clogged with soot, the solution is to clean the gas burner and remove any build-up of soot on it.

How much is 4 burner gas cooker with an oven?

They cost around $1,100 – $1,600 on Amazon minus the shipping fees.

Which is better dual fuel or gas cooker?

Not all cookers are created equal and your needs may be different from someone else.  I personally prefer a gas cooker to a dual fuel cooker.

Gas cookers are considered faster but remember that with a dual fuel cooker, you can use either gas or electricity to fuel your cooker.

Before deciding on which one you want to purchase, think about your budget, your kitchen space and your needs.


So, you’ve come a long way to see which best gas cooker is suitable for your kitchen and we are really happy to have been able to recommend the best gas cookers available online. Choose from any of the recommended products above and trust us, we did our very best to come up with this list. We’re keen to help you make better buying decisions!

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